Tiny Tales Beth March 3*M


AR2014  LA2017,2016,2015

Beth is a permanent champion with an excellent, well attached udder, easy to milk, excellent disposition and flash as the icing on the cake.


Lost Valley NKO Rachel's Well

Rachel is our superstar, even as an FF her udder was well attached and filled up better than hoped for.  Her dam is Lost Valley Tatiana who as the 2012 Junior National Champion and is improving each day - she is a 4*D/1*M and counting.  Rachel is planned for milk test in 2022.

Goatphotosweb 063.JPG

Lost Valley TM Via Dolorosa

Rose is our blue-eyed beauty and kids and cares for her kids so well, never needing intervention.  She will go on milk test this year (2021) and we are excited to see how she does.


Liberty Mission Asia Polyantha

Asia was the result of a breeding we did focused on improving udder attachment and it appears mission has been accomplished.  She's fiesty but a great mama goat and even better milker.


Coat of Arms SM Leba Bela

Bela is starting to take on her dam's personality and shape as well.  She is a great hopeful for us and is a FF this year (2021.)  In this photo she is nearly dried up, nursing still one kid.


Liberty Mission April's Angel

More About April

Retained doeling from Beth March 3*M.  Info and photo coming soon.


Liberty Mission Worth Every Penny

Retained doeling from 2021.  More info coming soon.