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A $50.00 non-refundable deposit can be made for a reservation for kids not yet born from pairings found on our "breeding schedule" page.  If your selected choice is not born or if we deem the kid has any defects, your deposit can be applied to another available kid or refunded. To make reservation, we will send you a paypal invoice.


You will be notified as soon as your selected kid has been born and you will then have 2 weeks to pay for 1/2 of the remaining balance due.


Kids will not be permitted to leave our farm until at least 8 weeks old.  We recommend a minimum of 9 weeks so that they can be raised by their dam and build a strong immune system.  We want our goats to go home in the best condition possible so you will experience the benefits of a strong, healthy goat!


Your final payment for any kid(s) must be made on or before the day you pick up the kid.  Final payment must be made via paypal online or cash on the day you pick up.


We ask for a $100 deposit on kids on the ground to hold the goat until an agreed-upon time.  We will deliver kids within a certain distance for a fee and only if two kids are delivered together.  We will work with you on special arrangements in some cases.


We would love to have a home for them that does milk testing or LA.  The milk has a wonderful, rich and creamy taste, clearly high in cream content. 


We pray each animal goes to a home who will understand the quality of the goats we have raised and the stock from which they came.


2020 Kids will be listed below as they become available.


To make a reservation, see our "breeding schedule" page.




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