Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

We are members of American Dairy Goat Association and American Goat Society.  All of our goats are registered with both associations.  Our goats are nurtured here on our farm with much attention, rotated pastures and dry barn stalls for days of bad weather.  We love and care for them greatly and will only consider selling to homes that are safe and will appreciate their excellent dairy genetics.


At our farm we believe that the best way to approach animal care is by promoting excellent health preventatively in order to avoid costly treatments.  We feed top quality, organic goat ration, organic alfalfa, hay from our own land and free choice, high quality minerals to our herd.  We also include probiotics and vitamins as needed.  Only once in our first season have we ever had to treat for worms.  We use herbal preventatives, keep stress low and rotate pastures every month.

Our goal is for our goats to be very friendly and they get a lot of hands on attention here!  A kid purchased from us is sure to be extra friendly.  All kids are dam raised for a strong immune system, but also handled daily by their humans.  We work towards improving the genetics, good health, ease in kidding and good temperment.  While there is no "perfect" goat and we will not say we have one, we do focus and watch closely when we are making decisions on breeding plans.  We will not breed a goat with too many faults, or a week immune system.

Our goats will be sold to homes who can provide a minimum of the following:

* a clean, dry, protected shelter
* fresh water, good quality hay and minerals
* secure fencing to keep goats in and wandering dogs out
* a large enough area to run, jump, and play
* good hay for growing babies, and grain for lactating does
* routine hoof trimming
* a companion
* lots of love

Our entire herd has originated from Lost Valley Nigerian Goat farm known for their home of multiple AGS National & Reserve National Champions.  You can see the geneology of all of our goats at their website here:

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