Lost Valley TM Jericho's Wall


Jerry is a long, level buck and we are very pleased with his first kids in 2018 and 19.

S: Lost Valley ML Toby Mac +*S/+*B

SS: MCH Lost Valley Malachi ++*S/++*B

SD: D: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Lacey 2*D/2*M 

(2009 National Best Udder)

D: ARMCH/GCH Hill Country's KW Bridges Burn 2*D/1*M VG

DS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S                             

DD: CH Steele Ballew Lantanna  *D 
     (1xRSrCH,1xRGCH, 1xSrCH, 1xGCH)  

Lost Valley CC Joseph's Dreams


We love to beed Joey to get more of his laid back personality thrown into his kids.  Easy to handle, loving Joey, he is personality perfect for a buck.

S: Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns +*S+*B - D1530600


SS: GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus

SD: GCH Lost Valley Callisto

D:GCH/ARMCH Lost Valley TB Obie 3*D/1*M

2xJrGCH, 5xGCH, 5xBU, 1xBOB, 3rd place 2008 Nationals

DS: Lost Valley Tae-Bo

DD: Lost Valley Only Time Will Tell

Lost Valley NKO Mai Best Chance


The king of the herd.  But such an agreeable guy.  A big, healthy boy for certain.  Strong dairy lines from both his dam and his grand-dam.  Hate to see him go but we just can't keep all of the bucks.  REDUCED to $700.00

S: Lost Valley LG Neeko *S*B

SS: GCH Lost Valley Dax Legend +*B+*S

SD: GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D/3*M

D: Lost Valley Z Mai Tai 3*M GCH

DS: GCH Hill Country's BB Zydeco +B+S

DD: GCH Lost Valley KW Shiraz 2*M

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