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Hello and welcome to our farm!

We started out as city dwellers, Keith being raised in Texas and Sheri being raised in Arizona.  We did what most people do after high school; attend college and enter the working world.  We climbed the corporate ladder and commuted and worked long hours.

Keith's 30+ years in leadership at various financial institutions took us to Minneapolis and eventually Missouri.  Health challenges our daughter faced led us to learn more about traditional cooking and we didn't know it at the time, but that journey would eventually take us to our own farm.

We researched for many years, reading books on everything from gut health to organic farming.  We changed how we shopped and how we cooked.  We focused on removing as many toxins from our home and from our food.  This meant more purchases from local farmers and less and less from the grocery store.

We saw so many health improvements in our family during this time that we wanted to start raising our own food using 100% organic methods.  After saving for years, we were able to purchase our 20-acre farm debt-free.

When Keith left his high-paying position as a Senior Vice President (at 50ish years old but well before the typical retirement age) to become a farmer, some might have thought he was crazy.  But we have found it to be the best decision we ever made. 

Soon after the move to the farm, we were able to bring both sets of our parents to Missouri to live near us.  Now we have three generations working together on the farm.

Together we have a passion to be good stewards of this land we have been entrusted to care for. We are grateful for the lessons our children have learned by spending at least a portion of our lives doing this hard but purposeful work.

Since 2014 we have spent more time together raising our own food, learning new skills, serving and teaching others, and eventually raising food for several local co-ops.  We then began another line of products which we named after our daughter.  "Kailyn's Natural" is a non-toxic line of goat milk products for the skin.

Now we hope to share some what we have learned with you and help you on your journey to healthier living.  Perhaps we can cut out some of the steep curve we had to climb!

Our big income is long gone, but we are rich in life experiences, in health, and in God's goodness!



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