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Liberty Mission Aprils Angel / Barn Name: April

April is a yearling who has a long line of excellent milking traits.  She is a great hopeful to be starting on milk test in 2024.

In March 2023, April kidded for the first time with triplets.  She had the kids as though it was the easiest thing in the world.  She stood there looking like nothing ever happened and she's been able to nurse all the kids with no issues.  She's a keeper!

As a FF, she milked out 4 lbs. daily with ease!  

Photo of udder was shortly after kidding.  After 4 months in milk, her teats have become more plump and we are VERY happy with her ease of milking and her production.  Updated udder/teat photos coming soon.

She was too young during our 2022 Linear appraisal so we hope to get an appraisal on her in 2024.

Sire: Cedarview Giacomo *S*B


SS: Cedar View Marciano +*B

2017 LA VEV 89 - highest possible as a yearling

July 2019 LA VEE 90


SD:  GCH Cedar view Yadira 3*M

July 2019 LA VEEE 90

2018 ANDDA Silver JUJU Award (305 days, 1001# milk, 54# butterfat, and 43# protein

2019 ANDDA Silver JUJU Award - 290 days, 1004# milk, 63# butterfat, 46# protein


Dam: GCH Tiny Tales Farm Beth March 3*M

DS: +*B Buttin' Heads Hanky Panky

DDSGCH Tiny Tales Farm Meg March 2*M

Date of Birth:


Littermates: Single


Black with white markings



Milk Test:


Kidding Record:

2023 - Triplets/ Kidded with great ease!

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