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Coat of Arms SM Leba Bela 4*M/ Barn Name: Bella

Bela as a second freshener earned her milk star.  She is SO easy to milk by hand or by machine and gives a lot very quickly.  We plan to retain many kids as we are quite happy with her udder and milking capacity.

Sire: *B Tiny Tales Farm Snowmaggeddon


Dam: GCH Tiny Tales Farm Beth March 3*M

DS: +*B Buttin' Heads Hanky Panky

DDSGCH Tiny Tales Farm Meg March 2*M

Date of Birth:


Littermates: Twins 


Buckskin with extensive white overlay

Height: 18 1/2 inches


Milk Test:

2022 - Earned milk star

LA2022  +GE+83

Kidding Record:

2021 (FF): Twin doelings

2022: Twin doelings

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