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GCH Tiny Tales Farm Beth March 3*M / Barn Name: Beth

Beth is our dream goat.  At 8 years old she is still going strong and delivers kids so easily.  She is easy to handle, friendly and agreeable.  Even better, she milks out on the milk stand like a breeze and empties completely.  She has more than proven herself and we look forward to many retained doelings from her.  We retained a buckling from her in 2020 and are so glad we did.

Sire: +*B Buttin' Heads Hanky Panky


Dam: SGCH Tiny Tales Farm Meg March 2*M

Date of Birth:


Littermates: Twin doelings


Tri-Colored with white star on head



Linear Appraisal/Milk Test/Show Record:




In 2018, earned her final leg towards permanent championship.

Kidding Record (on our farm):

2020 - twins (buckling and doeling)

2021 -  single doeling / polled / retained

2022 - 

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