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Lost Valley NKO Rachel's Well / Barn Name: Rachel

Rachel came to us after a long search and our excitement about her Dam, Lost Valley Tatiana.  Tatiana was a great hopeful and she has proven to be better than even expected!  She was the 2012 Junior Champion and just continues to get better and better.

Rachel has taken on some of her dam's characteristics and even as a first freshener, she looked great.

She is wide and we call her our "tubby" goat but she isn't overfed - she's always had a very healthy looking rumen!  But we forgive her because she performs so well.


Her kids arrived a week late last year so she missed both Linear appraisal and milk testing which is a shame as I expected her to perform well. 

She's milking out at 2.9 lbs. daily but has more to give.  Working on getting her to not "hold back" for her kids.  Her udder has good capacity and attachment but we wish she had more open orifices, but she has so many great traits and it's much easier to correct a small udder issue than larger body issues.  So she is a keeper and we look forward to retaining a doeling from her.

Sire: *B Lost Valley LG Neeko


Dam: MCH/GCH Lost Valley CC Tatiana 4*D/1*M

2xJrGCH, 2x SrRGCH, 2xSrGCH, 4xBU, 3xBOB

2012 National Jr Champion

Date of Birth:


Littermates: Triplet doelings


Dark mahogany buckskin; white poll, tail tip

Height: 19 1/2 inches

Kidding Record:

2018 - triplets

2019 - triplets

2020 - twins

2021 - Year off

2022 - Triplets

2023 - Twins

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