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A lovely addition for our springtime collection!


This soap brought back memories of hikes to beautiful, hidden waterfalls.  Something about this essential oil blend just smells like the fresh aroma of a waterfall.


Creamy goat milk and shea butter and blue kaolin clay soothes your skin and the scent is so mild and refreshing!   Kaolin clay also helps the essential oils scent to "stick" in the bar and last a bit longer.


Ingredients:  Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, goat milk, blue kaolin clay, yuzu, lime and jasmine essential oils.


Waterfall Soap

  • We are unable to accept returns at this time.  But if you have any problem at all with the product, please contact us!  We want you to recieve an excellent product and be 100% satisfied. 

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