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As we searched for a way to rid ourselves of the smells of working with bucks (male goats are so sweet, but they have a strong odor!) we found the answer was coffee soap.  It is made with goat milk (nourishing for the hands), healthy oils, and…. coffee! Both brewed and ground, the coffee works to exfoliate the skin and remove all kinds of odors from the hands. Yes, it really works!

Odor Buster Goat Milk Soap

  • Known for it's particularly creamy feel in soap, goat milk collected from our own goats as well as a neighboring farm, provide us with this amazing soap making ingredient.  Gentle for the most sensitive of skin types, the proteins found in goat milk creates soothing lather and a velvety texture.  Blended with rich botanical oils, our Kailyn's Natural line of goat milk soaps are a wonderful daily luxury.

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