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Soaps From the Garden

Gathered from our farm, fresh produce offers a creative means to add extra nutrients and an added fun factor to our soaps.

Several years ago, I noticed a brand of facial products that used carrots and tomatoes (and other veggies) in their brand name. After a bit of research I found that the nutrients in these foods really are great and gentle for the skin. The missing factor, however, was that these store-bought products were not free of preservatives and other toxins. Including the toxins that come from raising garden produce with insect and weed sprays as all conventional produce is today.

Since we have an organic garden here on our farm, this was a perfect opportunity for us to make our own facial and body soaps using produce that WE raised and therefore know it is coming from clean, organic land. And using our base soap recipes, we knew that our soap would be gentle and contain no toxins.

The alkaline nature of soap keeps it from spoiling easily, even when food purees are incorporated so there is no worry about shorter shelf life and no need for unnecessary preservatives.

We have an abundance of lycopene-rich tomatoes in our garden each year and plenty of carrots too. And in the fall, we have apples from our mini-orchard which are loaded with vitamins!

Each of our Harvest Soaps are gentle enough for use as a facial bar or even as a baby's bath bar. As we harvest this year, watch for these soaps coming soon!

Heirloom Tomato Soap

Not just for salads and sandwiches! Tomatoes grown organically and left to ripen naturally, are rich in lycopene and other natural phytochemicals that are wonderful for your skin. This makes them a perfect addition to a facial soap. The variants of color are inspired by the beautiful natural swirls and warm tones found in heirloom tomatoes.

Simply Carrot Soap

Rich in antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, carrots are a popular ingredient in soaps, and in facial bars in particular. In this recipe, an extra dose of fresh pressed carrot juice is used. A higher amount of olive oil also makes this bar extra gentle on delicate skin!

Warm Apple Spice & Ginger Soap

The subtle, spicy scent of this soap conjures up images of beautiful fall days and seasonal trips to the apple orchard. We are fortunate to have our own, small orchard here on our farm. Rich in nourishing antioxidants and skin smoothing fruit acids, freshly pressed apple cider is incorporated into this recipe. Ground ginger and cinnamon powder infuses the entire soap, lending color and a warm boost to circulation. Due to the seasonal and local nature of our fresh apples, each soap may vary in color slightly. This is another wonderful, unique feature of all hand-made soaps and is an indicator to the purchaser, that each bar is hand-made! No assembly line used!

Each month, watch for these to be available for a limited time, during each harvest season. Enjoy!

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