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Out with the Old, In With the New!

Many of us have started opting out of chemical-laden food even though it may cost a bit more. Those that make this switch seem to realize that they save in the end, with better health and much fewer medical bills. It all seems like a no-brainer now to many! But there is another "not-so-obvious" industry that affects our daily lives. Whether it's hand soaps, body wash, lotion, shampoo, or even make-up, most skincare products in stores carry some of the most toxic and hazardous chemicals you can find.

If you are like us, your morning routine alone consists of at least six different personal care products – toothpaste, face cleanser, soap, lotion, deodorant, and maybe even a spritz of cologne.

On average, the Environmental Working Group reports that women use 12 personal care products daily, exposing themselves to 168 chemical ingredients! Now, that's a lot of harmful components to be applied to our skin daily!

The ingredients found in most of these products, such as parabens, formaldehyde, and carbon black – have been linked to some pretty serious health concerns, such as cancer, hormonal imbalances (endocrine disruptors), and respiratory issues, and that's to name a few. When our daughter suffered from various skin ailments and even neurological issues that couldn't be figured out by countless doctors, we finally learned that environmental toxins were part of the cause! Hence why we started making the switch to more natural skin care products.

As the body's largest organ, your skin is frequently exposed to dust and pollutants. While it's highly capable of shielding you from harmful chemicals, it's unable to protect you from synthetic ingredients found in some of the hazardous skincare products.

Lotions, bath bombs, body washes, and deodorants are all absorbed into your body minutes after skin application. All-natural skincare is vital and becoming widely popular because it doesn't contain compounds that may harm you with long-term use.

It's crucial to switch to all-natural, clean skincare, as most users consider beauty and personal care products essential in their everyday lives.

Go All-Natural (and Clean) with Your Skincare

Using all-natural ingredients means that our products are less likely to cause unwanted side effects or skin damage with long-term use while being just as potent and effective as their synthetic counterparts. So, none of those crazy, scary health concerns we mentioned earlier.

And because they don't contain artificial colors, or harmful preservatives, your skin is less susceptible to irritations and allergic reactions.

By switching to all-natural goat milk products, you're choosing healthier, happier skin. Much like a diet of non-GMO or organic food, all-natural skincare and beauty products feed and nourish your skin in a way that leaves it much healthier over time. Now, that's quite a way to start fresh in a New Year.

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