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Farm Snow Days

We haven't been able to make our deliveries and we do look forward to getting back into our routine, but we sure have enjoyed seeing the beauty of this much snow around the farm. It sure does make the normal farm work more difficult and the goats and chickens aren't very happy about it, but we rejoice in the beauty of it and the possibility of sledding and other fun snow-related activities!

Enjoy a virtual "walk around the farm" in photos below!

Below, the greenhouse tucked into the snow filled with chickens in their composting mulch. The sun warming it up naturally.

The back pasture in the early morning sun. A -3 degree morning.

The meat chicken pen and the egg mobiles, waiting for use in the spring and summer months.

It took a bit of digging to get into the barns to feed the goats.

A view of the farm from our house. Even our foot prints from the night prior, are already again covered by snow with only a small indication that we were there.

The pastures painted completely white.

The sun getting ready to set. With marks from the snow tires of our faithful friends who delivered raw milk to us!