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Bread Making 101: Lesson 2

Now that you’ve learned a few basic tips for bread making from Lesson 1, here is some additional information for you to help you on your bread making journey. At the end of this post, I’ll give you a great, basic bread recipe that your whole family is sure to love.

There are so many reasons to continue to learn the skill of bread making, not just because of the delicious flavor and the wonderful smell of home-baked bread. But reasons you may not have thought of previously. I’ll share some of those in this post.


There are so many “don’t’s when it comes to eating. Don’t eat too much salt, don’t eat too much sugar, don’t eat too much fat.” It can be very confusing and cause us to just give up. But there is something more important than the "don'ts".

The fact is, what we are really missing is nutrients. Most Americans eat a lot of food but our bodies are starving because we aren’t eating nutrient-dense food. If our body doesn't recognize what is in our food, then it can’t use the nutrients.

If you look back through history there were long periods of time where people had nothing to eat but grains and yet they still had better health from nutrition, without being overweight. How is this so?

The Primary Reasons are:

  1. The grains they ate were different than the grains we have today. Primarily, in our history, ancient grains were used such as such as kumat. The Modern grains we have today are much harder on the gut and have been altered to fit our convenience rather than our nutrition.

  2. The grains they ate were prepared differently than those we have today. Wheat today has been milled to prepare it to sit on the shelf a long time waiting for us to purchase and use it. This is great in terms of convenience, but the nutrition has been largely stripped away and then other nutrients have been added back in. This makes it very hard for our bodies to even recognize the nutrients and use them. Wheat that has been milled and prepped to sit on the shelf must have BY LAW the germ removed. Oils in the germ are packed full of nutrition but when they are ground into flour, the oils quickly turn rancid and actually become carcinogenic. Therefore, it is not legal for flour to contain the entire ground wheat berry in it. This makes the typical wheat flour you find on the shelf lacking in any real nutrition.



We don’t have to remove bread from our diet, happily!

Just take the first step which is: Start to make more of your bread at home. Leave those store bought breads at the store.

We are living in toxic times and cancers are rampant. Highly processed foods are linked to cancer and the first thing on the list of cancer risks is:

#1 mass produced packaged breads and baked goods.