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If you are new to Shampoo Bars, you have come to the right place.  Our shampoo bars are an all natural conditioning shampoo in a solid bar form.  No plastic to toss out!

There are many  benefits to switching to a shampoo bar such as increased volume, shinier hair, reduced dandruff and less frizz.  If you have curly hair, most people say they have more defined curls with better control.  Shampoo bars are good for all hair types and hair lengths and we offer a few different versions to fit many preferences and needs.

Our Shampoo bars do not contain SLS/SLES (sodium laurel sulfate / sodium laureth sulfate) or any other harmful chemicals.  These chemicals cause dry, itchy and irritated scalp.  It also dries out hair over time and contributes to hair loss, especially if you need to shampoo every day.

Why do they put SLS/SLES in shampoos if it is so detremental?  Because this chemical agent allows you to get that really full lather that comes with typical shampoos.  You will be surprise, however, at how well our shampoo bars lather!  The difference is, they lather well naturally with coconut oil so the lather is luxurious and does not strip your hair like these chemicals tend to do.



A percentage of our shampoo bar users will experience a true "transition" period or a "purge" period.  When first using a natural shampoo bar, you may experience a "waxy" feel to the hair after washing.  This is often referred to as the "purge" and is typically a result of one of these two things:

- A bad reaction with hard water


- An adjustment to balancing out your scalp's oil production.  The purge and the "waxy" feeling are typically remedied with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.  

The first few times I used a shampoo bar on my thin, older (50's) hair I felt the waxy feeling and wondered if I would be able to fully commit to this more natural soap.  My hair felt heavy, frizzy and so unmanageable.  I had tried so many products and conditioners even before the shampoo bar use and nothing improved.  I decided it must be my older age and some graying hairs that were causing this poor condition. 


Then I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (see instructions below) and I was 100% amazed.  How could something so simple produce this shiny, soft, smooth hair!?  I haven't seen my hair like this in years.  I was sold on it and now that is my daily regimen.

The Shampoo Bar was getting the build up of years of synthetic products out and the ACV was bringing my scalp back to normal oil production.  Amazing!

This transition period you may go through is a temporary feeling and is simply a phase on the path to much healthier hair!

Our Shampoo Bars have luxurious lather!



Part of the amazing thing about natural products is that they work differently for different people.  They may not be a match for everyone but for many they are the perfect match.

A shampoo bar is an excellent choice for you if:

1. You are ready to commit (or have already committed) to a completely natural hair care routine.  This means no synthetic styling products, no products or conditioners with silicones or any other toxic chemicals, and not over-manipulating your hair with excessive heat.  It may sound not possible at first but once you have liberated yourself from the addiction to the "fake shine" of the synthetics and the constant heat damage from styling tools - you will get to enjoy the best hair of your life!

2. You don't currently over-process, or heat style your hair every day.  (OR, you are ready to make a change to a more natural approach to beautiful, healthy hair.) 


There are several tips that provide amazing results for the majority of people.  


One important step that was new to us is the importance of dry brushing hair.  Remember those old movies where the women brush their long, thick hair before bed?  There is more reason to do that than we realized!  A healthy dose of dry brushing using a mixed bristle brush helps "pre-condition" hair by distributing the nourishing natural oils produced by your scalp.  For years we were accustomed to depending on a "product" to "fix" our hair woes so it came as a surprise to find that our scalp holds the key to our own personal hair health!

Dry brushing is great for all hair types and is much healthier than combing the hair when wet.  When hair is wet it is at its weakest point and easily breaks.  Even if you have very curly hair, don't worry!  You can use a method with just your hands sort of "preening" the oils from the scalp working your way down to the ends.


Lather up your shampoo bar in your hands and then add to your hair starting at the roots.  Gently massage into your scalp and allow the lather to cascade down to the tips of your hair.  Don't pile your hair up on top of your head as this leads to more tangles.  We do not recommend applying the shampoo bar directly to your hair as this directly deposits the rich super fats and onto your hair which could be heavy, depending on which bar you choose.  


This step is recommended at least once a week and possibly more often depending on your specific situation, hair type and water (hard or soft).  This is the step that amazed me the MOST!  And it is so very simple.  Take 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 parts water and put into a spray bottle or a squeeze bottle to make it easier to apply.  Be sure to get an Apple Cider Vinegar that as the "mother" in it, and shake it well before making your mixture. 


After shampooing and rinsing, apply the ACV and water mixture directly to your scalp, working from one side to the next and gently moving it down, letting it run down to the ends of your hair.  This step removes product residue, smooths the hair cuticle and soothes the scalp.  I was completely shocked at how smooth my hair felt the first time I did this step.  It was healthier and had more volume.  You can do this as often as you wish or you may want to do it only 1 time per week.  I didn't find the ACV smell to be very strong and it rinsed out well.


This is an optional step but we like to do this daily.  After the ACV rinse, add a natural conditioner, something light and quick absorbing with a natural oil.  There are several on the market today and we are working on some ideas.  For now we use a store-bought conditioner that has very few questionable ingredients in it.  You can find them if you read the labels!

From there you are ready to style as you normally do and enjoy very clean, healthy hair!


Some additional tips to getting the most out of your shampoo bar and the best results:

1. Use only soft water if you can.  Most areas have hard water, all across America.  This leads to mineral build up in the hair which can feel fairly gunky and can cause hair to look dull.  Our shampoo bars when combined with hard water can increase that "waxy" feeling and no one likes that feeling.  You can easily prevent this by installing a water softener or even a showerhead filter.  However, even with hard water, the ACV rinse helps remove much of this and brings the smoothness back to your hair.

2. Style with heat only when necessary.  Give your hair a break from heat styling whenever you can!

3. Ditch the synthetic store-bought soaps and conditioners and take back your hair's health!

Natural Shampoo Bars

Ready to ditch the chemicals?

Ready to have the best hair of your life?

Read on to learn how!

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