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From bread making to raising livestock, there can be a pretty steep learning curve if you are new to homesteading. We can tell you this first hand!

Here we will share what we have learned after many years of research and first hand experience.  Our first 5 years on our farm, we raised approximately 1,000 meat chickens and laying hens, raised and milked dairy goats, made our own soap, lotions and body butters and prepared healthy meals from scratch from the many vegetables we have raised.

We are grateful for all we have learned from others who have come before us.  We want to share what we've learned on a variety of farm and self-sustaining practices with all of you!

EarlyFall 013.JPG

Why We Raise Freedom Ranger Meat Chickens

Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

GMOs - What are they really?


Bread Baking 101 -

Lesson 1

chickenprocessing 020.JPG

Processing Poultry Safely

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How We Raise Laying Hens

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