Liberty Mission Farms is family-owned, 20-acre farm, focused on healing the land.

We purpose to use a specific method of growing produce and raising animals without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or GMOs.

We share what we've learned on the farm, including tips for you to use at your own homestead.  

We offer our natural, handmade goat milk products to you via our online store.

We Raise

  • Laying hens

  • Freedom ranger meat chickens

  • Nigerian dwarf dairy goats

  • A large variety of garden produce

  • Elderberries


We Offer:

  • Goat Milk soap in over 20 varieties

  • Goat Milk lotion

  • Goat Milk body butter

  • Beeswax lip balm




Anyone can visit and see what we are doing and ask questions.  We believe transparency is much better than a USDA seal of any kind.




Rotation of animals and plants so that animals always have a fresh “salad bar” of greens and pasture has ample recovery time between animal grazing.




Serving locally, educating when we can, offering healthy choices and giving back as the Lord has given to us.


Nature’s Template


Plants and animals are provided a habitat that allows them to express their God-given distinctiveness.  Respecting and honoring this results in healthy animals who do not need routine drugs or vaccinations.  We work to follow the natural patterns rather than human “cleverness”.

Improving the soil avoids pests and disease rather than masking and compounding the problems with chemicals. 


We focus on replenishing the nutrients in the soil through crop rotations, composting and livestock rotation on the pastures. This encourages healthy soils which produce healthy plants that are naturally more pest and disease resistant.


We purpose to have nothing go to waste on our farm. Each animal has a specific purpose. For example, our laying hens eliminate waste by eating vegetable scraps from our gardens in addition to their fresh pasture, and in turn produce eggs, fertilizer and act as a natural bug removal system.


It’s all a symbiotic, synergistic production model that yields far more per acre than industrial models; and it’s aromatically and aesthetically pleasing.

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