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We are city dwellers turned homesteaders who love helping others by sharing natural products and healthy tips through this old-fashioned life we call modern homesteading.  Our name, Liberty Mission Farms comes from the town of Libertyville, where we live and the word "Mission" describes our mission towards helping others.


Our family of four lives on a 20-acre farm in Missouri along with our goats, chickens, cats and dogs.


None of us were born in the country but we began to crave a different sort of life. Something more purposeful and liberating than city living.


 After moving to the farm, we found ourselves plunging headfirst into the world of homesteading. And nothing has ever felt more right.


We’ve been living this farm life since 2014, and while it’s not without struggles and even heartache at times, it’s transformed us in ways we never thought possible. I can’t imagine doing life any other way. You can read more of our story here.


An Awakening


The times we live in offer endless technology and ease.  So many people say, "Oh I'd love to live as you do!"  There seem to be more and more people looking for something different.  It seems we are all naturally drawn to a slower-paced life, meaningful work and a handcrafted existence.


The things our great-grandparents had to do to survive also kept them grounded and fulfilled.  We have nearly eliminated this in our fast-paced world of technology.  Microwave it, order it, drive-thru and pick it up.  We have automation but little creation.


Another outcome of this is more and more added toxins and cheap shortcuts to our food supply and our personal care products.  We are all so far removed from our food supply that we hardly give a thought to where and how the food we eat was raised and what is in the personal care products we use.

We focus on raising our own food, raising our animals holistically and creating many useful herbal "medicines" from herbs we grow.

We also center our farm around our small, but quality herd of Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats.  Everything is centered around them and the constant improvement of the breed.  The goats, in turn, fertilize and browse our pastures keeping them healthy and fertilized.  Monthly rotation of pastures keeps our goats healthy without the need for vaccines or regular deworming meds.  This method has proven to be successful as we have only needed to deworm a goat 1 time in 10 years!  

If you are looking for herbal products, goat milk products or are looking to starting your own herd of dairy goats, you are in the right place!


  Welcome to Liberty Mission Farm!

We Raise

  • Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

  • Laying hens

  • Freedom Ranger meat chickens

  • A large variety of garden produce

  • Elderberries


All of our animals and plants are raised holistically and naturally as possible.  Learn more about what makes our Dairy Goat Breeding program unique here:

We Offer:


  • Goat Milk Soap 

  • Goat Milk Lotion

  • Goat Milk Body Butter

  • Beeswax Lip Balm

  • Elderberry Syrup and Herbal Teas

  • Herbal healing products

  • Flat rate shipping to anywhere in the U.S.!



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Free range animals, free range kids, free range grandparents... free range life!

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