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Our starter kit makes the perfect gift!  


Included are:


Arnica salve - This is a must have for any herbal medicine cabinet.  It is beneficial use on bruising, muscle strains, sprains, and other injuries where the skin is not broken but there is pain, inflammation, and bruising.  Learn more here.


Recovery Salve: This salve is a natural alternative to over the counter medicines such as Neosporin.  Yarrow, Bee Balm and Comfrey infused oils provide natural healing properties and are antibiotic and antiseptic right from our own herb garden.


Amish Black Drawing Salve our popular formula is based on a traditional Amish recipe, and made with medicinal herbs, organic olive oil, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, backyard honey, and calming lavender essential oil.


You can use this salve to draw out infections, splinters and other foreign objects, and to soothe bug bites, allergic skin reactions, and blemishes. 


Jewelweed & Plaintain Soap -  Jewelweed and plantain are especially prized for their ability to soothe the pain and irritation of poison ivy and other such maladies. These charactieristics make this soap a must-have for everyone's summertime supply list!


Dandelion Soap is rich with lecithin and paired with skin-soothing oats make a soap that's perfectly suited for itchy or sensitive skin.

Herbal Medicine Starter Kit

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