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Pasture Raised Eggs

Our laying hens are provided with sunlight, natural grasses, bugs and a clean living space.  We purpose to avoid any chemically formulated vitamins or minerals since they break down readily in hot weather and are harder for the chickens to assimilate than those vitamins that are from natural sources.

Our “Egg-mobiles” follow where goats previously roamed, mimicking nature much like the egrets on a  rhinos’ nose. The laying hens scratch through the manure, eat out the fly larvae, scatter the nutrients into the soil, and give lots of eggs as a byproduct of pasture sanitation.


The inside of the egg-mobiles is used by the hens as sleeping quarters, a snack bar and place to lay eggs.  The automatic "chicken door"  closes at night for their safety and opens again at daybreak.  The egg mobiles are moved daily so a fresh salad bar is always available.  Each month the hens are moved to a new pasture, providing each 1/2 acre parcel an opportunity to "rest" and grow until the following season.  Our pastures are only fertilized by our animals - no other fertilizers are ever added to any of our pasture areas.


We use New Country Organics chicken feed which is SOY-FREE.  We aren't against soy necessarily if it is raised organically and not over processed.  But we chose this feed because it has so many of the nutrients we were purchasing separately for our hens.  They are not filled with just corn!  Ask your farmer what they are feeding their hens... you are what your food eats!



Chicken exiting egg mobile
Chicken exiting egg mobile to head out to pasture
Inside an egg mobile: nest boxes, feeders, and a safe, insulated place to roost at night.

Your eggs are the best we've ever tasted.  They are like a whole different food!

T. Robbins - St. Louis, MO

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