We are a small family of four who lived all of our lives in the city.  We were drawn to a healthier way of life after some health issues our daughter was experiencing.  We researched for several years and went back to our kitchen, learning to cook nearly everything from scratch.  We purchased food only from local farmers and were constantly looking for more ways to remove toxins from our homes and from our food.


As we did this, we saw amazing health improvements in all of our family members, which created our desire to raise and grow our own food.  in 2014, God brought us to our own farm where we purpose to share our story, our food and our products.


We are now finding the joy of returning to the kitchen.  We spend more time together learning to raise food, learning to cook from scratch, and enjoying serving and hospitality.  It is our desire to honor God, educate ourselves on healthy food, and then share that information with others. 


Since arriving on the farm, both sets of our parents (grandparents to our children) have also relocated to Missouri and are assisting us on the farm.  So we are now 3 generations working together!


Besides food and farm....  We purpose to tell others what Jesus has done for us and what He can do for them.  We are passionate about encouraging families to be strong in the Lord and to love one another.  It is God who has called us to this place and we endeavor to shine His light any way we can.


We thank Him for all we’ve been able to do thus far and look forward to serving our  community as He allows!

A light to our path...

Our Story

Why Us?

Knowing your farmer is the best assurance that the food you buy is responsibly grown with methods that honor the web of life.  We believe that farmers should work in harmony with God's plan for nature and leave the little piece of the world over which we have stewardship in better condition than when we arrived.


This is why we welcome visitors to tour and inspect our farm to judge if we are adhering to this goal.


We are always growing and learning!

2017 Liberty Mission Farms, LLC